Tired of Yo-Yo Diets? Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

Last night I had a meeting with Steve Chaney, PhD and Dr. Gallagher (chiropractor in Apex). Dr. Steve is the Professor of Nutrition and Biochemistry at UNC Medical School. Dr. Gallagher has been concerned because he has several patients who are extremely overweight, to the point of it being potentially life-threatening, so he has been searching for a healthy program that has been clinically proven to maintain muscle while also losing fat. Dr. Gallagher is well-aware of all the dangerous programs that are on the market and he was determined to find the safest program for his patients.

Shaklee has done so much research on the Cinch® products, and all the other nutritional products, that Dr. Gallagher knew this was the only program he wanted to share with his patients. Dr. Gallagher was also impressed with the fact that Dr. Chaney had put together a group of 42 participants with a common goal of “1,000 Pounds Lighter, 1,000 Times Healthier” by the end of the year, and the group had already lost a total of 549 pounds in just 3 months!

Meanwhile, Dr. Steve has been running an online webinar and consultation program that is called the Cinch Lifestyle Program. This is a free 12 week program that is open to select participants who are using the Cinch® products to lose weight. It teaches people how to make the lifestyle changes that lead to permanent weight loss. It teaches people how to internalize those lifestyle changes so that they just become what you do without even thinking about it. Dr. Gallagher was so impressed with Dr. Steve’s group that he’s going to invite his patients to join the program.

We are having a meeting on May 30th to introduction the Cinch Weight-Loss program to everyone in Apex and Cary, NC. The meeting will begin at 7PM and will be held at Chiropractic First, 1011 W. Williams St., Ste. 104, Apex, NC 27502. If you’re in the area you are invited to join us.

It’s a fantastic program, I’m going on it myself to eliminate the final 20 lbs I want to lose. While the Introduction will be held at Chiropractic First, people can join from anywhere in the USA as this program is done via an online webinar and telephone conference calls with Dr. Steve. Shaklee also has an online program to track food consumed (including breaking it down to carbs and proteins), and also has a Registered Dietitian who takes calls and answers questions.

If you know anyone who is interested in losing weight in a very healthy manner that also works on changing lifestyles, please tell them to contact me (Julie@julstro.com). We’ll be opening up a website for people, but for now the best method is to contact me directly.

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