The Joy of Children

I’m visiting with my son Michael, his wife Colleen,  and my two grandchildren, Jack and Kate.  Being around them makes me appreciate how much children (the younger the better for this topic) appreciate even the smallest of things, and how we sometimes we get so mired down in “reality” that we forget to even look at little things.

Kate chatters on and on about all types of joys she experiences during the day, and she’s fascinated by everything.  We went to the beach and she spent an hour building a sand castle, with a moat that floated (for a short time, until the water absorbed into the sand) a little boat she found in the pile of beach toys that are left for all the kids to share.  She made up a wonderful little story about a princess, who lived in the castle but wanted to see the world,  and how the prince (who sounded so much like her dad) came to save her.   Imagination is a wonderful thing!

For me, I just loved watching her fill the moat endlessly, building earnestly, and thinking through her story.

Perhaps it would help us all to use our imagination more often. I believe that we create what we focus on…so our imagination could change our world — in fact, maybe it could change the whole world!

That’s it for today… I’m off to imagine the life I want to live, the fun I want to have, and the people I want to interact with ever day.

Have a fun and imaginative day!



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