Texting while driving

Back in November I was stopped while making a left turn. I looked in my rear view mirror and I saw a car about eight car lengths behind me so I wasn’t concerned. But then I saw that the car wasn’t slowing down at all, and she quickly ran into me doing around 55-60mph.  Thank heaven she was driving a small car or I may not be here telling you this story.

I came to realize that the driver had to be texting…she never slowed down!  I think the first time she realized I was stopped was when she hit me.  As I mentioned to you when I had the accident, I had whiplash but I was grateful that I knew how to fix that quickly so it never caused a problem. I’m sure the woman who hit me had whiplash, if not more. Her car was destroyed and so was mine.

Tonight I was watching Extreme Makeover Home and the story was about a young woman named Alex Brown who died while texting.  Her parents decided to take their sadness and go around Texas, and ultimately the entire United States, and teach teenagers about the dangers of texting while driving. Having had texting impact my life, I wanted to share this website with you, and I hope you will tell others.

A beautiful young woman is dead because of texting.  The Brown’s have set up a website where you can read how you can help spread the important message to High School students…Don’t Text and Drive!

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