Swimming – Part Two :-)

It’s a funny thing about this swimming challenge, I was so unsure of myself that I did all kinds of things before I finally left for the gym. I cleaned the kitchen; answered the questions on my forum; did the laundry (it absolutely HAD to be done immediately <LOL>), in fact, I procrastinated as much as I could.  The only reason that I finally made it to the gym is that I knew I needed to post it here (accountability works) and also I was going over to Stacey’s house and I knew she’d ask me how I did.

So, eventually I got there, and after talking to friends (more procrastination) I finally got into the pool.  Now, as I said yesterday, I don’t really know how to swim.  I’ve watched swimmers so I know about the hand over hand thing, but when I put my face in the water I panic (Stacey says she can help me overcome that problem), so that doesn’t help the situation.

My first time back and forth ended up with me thinking that my heart was going to jump out of my body because it was pounding so hard. On the way back to the start point I had to float and just kick my feet, and the only thing that made me feel better was that I knew I could stand up because the pool was shallow at that point.  Then the lady who was using the same lane (pool was crowded) started to give me a few suggestions, and it really helped!

We swam together (also helped me feel a bit more confident) and I made it back and forth actually swimming!  Then the third time we didn’t stop at the other side of the pool and just made a “U” turn and came back.  And I DID IT!!

Because of my procrastination I had to leave at that point, but now I’m not nervous about going back, and I know that with Stacey’s help I’m going to conquer this “face in the water” phobia, so that will help too.

The results were, I swam 137m!  Not much by some peoples standards, but great for me.

Now I can’t wait to get back into the pool again — next week.

Have a great weekend,



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