Stretching, Flexibility, and Joints

Did you ever see a cat when it first wakes up from a nap?  First it stretches its body so far that it curls in the opposite direction, then it totally stretches out each leg, opening it’s paw so the “fingers” are spread way apart.  Next, it gets up and stretches each leg way back, flexing its hip and shoulder joints.  Then it is ready to jump and run with incredible flexibility.

We need to do the same thing when we wake up in the morning.  Before even getting out of bed, stretch back like you were trying to have your shoulders and butt touch, bring your legs back too.  Move about in every position you can imagine, slowly, enjoying the process.

Bring your arms out and away from your side, turning them so your palms are up toward the ceiling and then down toward the mattress.  Rotate your shoulders in circles.  Spread out your fingers and move your wrists in circles.

Bring your feet up so you’re stretching your calves, then rotate your feet so you get some movement in your ankles. Make as big a circle as you can, really trying to flex your ankles.  Curl your toes in both directions.

Enjoy this process, stretch as far as you comfortably can, but don’t overstretch, the idea is to feel good, not torn.

Knots in your muscles will prevent you from getting a full stretch and overstretching can tear the fibers, so I strongly suggest you work out any spasms that are holding your muscles and joints bound. You can’t imagine how good you’ll feel when the knots are released and you stretch.

When you stand up, move your hips, your shoulders, and your entire spine in as many directions as you can.  Sit in a chair, keep your back straight and bring your chin to your chest, then curl your shoulders forward and bring your head down toward your lap. The intent here is to stretch the muscles that run along the outside of your spine. This muscle (erector spinae) pulls you back into the military straight position, so curling forward will stretch it and give your spine so much more flexibility.

Releasing the spasms that form in your muscles, and then stretching, is wonderful and will benefit you for the entire day.

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