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For some reason I have been running into several people who are trying to stop smoking and have been unsuccessful to this point. I’ve been talking to them and helping them, enough that I decided this is a topic I need to put here in the blog.

I used to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day!  And, I really smoked them, they didn’t burn out in the ashtray.  It was pretty horrible, I was so addicted that I’d wake up at night to have a cigarette.  Pretty terrible!

I came up with a lot of methods to help me get over this addiction and I want to share them with anyone who is interested.  It’s going to take me several days…there are a LOT of techniques.  But I can guarantee that they work, if the person really wants to stop smoking.  If you (or the smoker you send this blog to) doesn’t really want to stop, it won’t work.

For today, I suggest you just start to think about all the reasons that smoking doesn’t fit into your life (finances, coughing, smell, etc.) and make them feel ugly in your mind.  Tomorrow’s blog will start at the beginning of my long road to quitting.

BTW, I lit (and then put out) my last cigarette on May 16, 1991, so I just celebrated 20 years without cigarettes.  It can be done…if you REALLY want to quit!

See you tomorrow with step one on this journey.

Wishing you well,



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