Sports Nutrition

Back in 1979 I started using Shaklee products and found that they made a tremendous difference in my life, and for my family. Some of the situations were so dramatic that it would take too much time to mentioned them right now, but I will in the future.

As you know,  I work with people who have chronic pain &/or sports injuries, and I’ve also posted messages on my eNewsletter that discuss nutritional topics that are helped with Shaklee, as well as how to do self-treatments for muscular pain, and a whole lot more.  I’ve finally decided that my work with athletes is drawing me into a deeper study of nutrition, especially sports nutrition.  It’s pretty exciting and I’ll be looking forward to sharing some of the things I’m learning because I know it will make as much of a difference in your life as Shaklee made in my life.

I’ve had a Shaklee website for years, primarily so I could buy my products at a discount and so I could share it with my close friends and family.  I want to share that with you too. Now I’m off to my first “class” at Shaklee University.

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