Sports Injuries CAN Be Prevented

Football, soccer, running, cycling, mountain climbing, and the hundreds of other activities are really wonderful in the fall, when the leaves are turning beautiful colors and there is a crispness in the air.

It’s also time to think about preventing sports injuries — but then, it’s always time to prevent injuries!

Start by drinking a lot of water to make sure your muscles are hydrated. Then, if you take the heel of your hand, quickly rub up and down your legs, from top to bottom so you can get your blood flowing and release muscle tension before you start any running sport. And, if you love cycling, make sure your quads and hamstrings are free of spasms, and then do the iliopsoas stretch that I teach on my website. Just make sure you release your thigh muscles first!

In fact, if you haven’t looked at the Julstro Protocol in awhile, I suggest you review it and make sure each of the muscles are free from spasms so they aren’t causing your pelvis to rotate, and they aren’t pulling on your low back, hip, and knee joints.

Remember, if you feel tension in your joints, look at the exact spot where you are feeling the pain and then look in an anatomy book to see which muscle inserts into that point. The odds are high that if you treat that muscle you’ll release the pain at the insertion.

If you already have my book, Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living, you’ll be able to follow the trigger point charts to find the spasms that are the source of your pain, and then be able to see the pictures, and read the descriptions, of how to treat the muscle successfully.

Now that I’ve moved here to Chapel Hill, NC, I’m really looking forward to going to some great college football and basketball games, and next year, I want to watch the Bulls play baseball.

What a great place to live! If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I hope you’ll contact me so we can meet.

Wishing you well,


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