Sinus Pain and Drain

Today I was doing a massage for a client and she was telling me how she always has sinus congestion and headaches when Spring rolls around.  I can’t explain the “why” of the treatment I’m going to describe, all I can tell you is that it works great.

Put your three middle fingers (both hands) so your fingertips are in a straight line, with your middle finger pulled down a bit further then your pointer and ring fingers.  Then put your fingers directly under your cheek bones (pressing your fingerprints into your eye and back teeth to find the right location).  Now, press your fingers up into the bone, as if you were trying to push your fingers all the way up to your eyes but the bone is in the way.

If you are having sinus pain you will be better off pushing on one side and then releasing the pressure and pushing on the other side.  Then move your fingers so your ring fingers are very close to your nose, but still under your cheekbones.  Then do the movement again.

You’ll find that the side that is the most congested will also hurt the most, and if you’re touch is very sensitive you’ll even feel the difference in the density of the tissue close to your nose.

As you press, one hand at a time, do a slow count to “5” and then slowly release fully before you start to count on the other side.  It also helps to have your head tilted back a little so your sinuses can drain.

This easy technique is taught in my book, Treat Yourself to Pain Free LivingThe book also shows pictures and text so you’ll be able to help someone else who is suffering from sinus problems, including a sinus headache.

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