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I imagine you have already visited my website, and I hope you’ve gone to my forum, but this message was so wonderful it made me cry (happy tears) and I wanted to share it with you:

I am so excited now – I have hope again that has painfully excaped me for years!! I have been to 5 chiropractors, 3 physical therapists. a fascial manipulation expert, finally the surgeons knife 1 1/2 years ago and was still going down hill…..I couldn’t sleep anymore because upon lying down, I held my body stiff because when I tried to relax, the pain became worse. I was in danger of losing my wonderful high school teaching job. I was exhausted from not sleeping and so run down. I prayed that God would show me what to do and yearned to be normal again. I had told my sister just last saturday that I was so sad that I would never run or jump or dance again; It was that very morning that I came upon your site Julie!! It all clicked right away – after learning so much in a piecemeal fashion from all the well-meaning therapists, I realized that I had those knots ALL over my body and, despite not having your book yet, I spent 2 hours mauling away at them, and that night I knew it was working!! I slept finally! the next day I ordered your e-book and spent 4 hours going though that protocol for the lower body you recommend – And I slept again!!! And the pain was going away even more!! And that night I dared to hope again that someday I might even run again!!! thank you so much and more than all, Thank You to God of Whom I asked help  

Jane, thank you for sharing with me how you were helped. I LOVE my work!!!

Have a great day,



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