Repetitive Strain Injuries and Musicians

I love to work with musicians, their passion and dedication are amazing. When I teach a musician how to self-treat, I can be sure that s/he is going to do exactly what I taught.

I was so excited yesterday when I received an email from a drummer in San Francisco, CA.  He told me that he had such pain in his wrists, arms, and shoulders that he could hardly play anymore. Since he is a professional drummer this was exceptionally stressful since he wasn’t only losing his passion, but his career!

He told me that he found out about my self-treatment for the hand/wrist by doing an internet search and decided that he had nothing to lose by trying.  He knew surgery wasn’t going to work, and he’d already tried two rounds of PT without success.

Hooray!  He’s now 100% pain free and back to playing again. Then, the icing on the cake, he told me that from using the foot pedal he had a burning pain in the front of his lower leg, next to his shin bone. He saw in the book included with the System that he could use the TotalTX tool to work on that muscle, so he decided to give it a try…and it worked!  Now, I knew that, but it’s so wonderful when I hear that someone who isn’t a muscular therapist is able to figure it out and then relieve it.  I LOVE what I do for a living!

I’ve worked with several musicians (all of whom I’ve never met) because of the Julstro System, and the results have been so good that I’m going to start to figure out how to contact musicians around the country and teach self-treatment clinics.

If you have any connections to musicians, or to orchestra’s, please let me know.  It’s terrible to think of pain stopping the music, especially when it’s so easy to release the tension in the muscles and get back to playing pain free.

Thanks a lot!

Wishing you well,



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