Quick calf muscle release and stretch

Yesterday I drove 671 miles to my son’s house in upstate New York. Needless to say, my legs were exhausted — thank heaven for cruise control!  My left leg has a big problem because my ankle is still in the process of healing, but each time I take one of these trips I’m so grateful that I know how to self-treat.

If you drive a lot, or run a lot, here’s a short, 3 minute, self-treatment and stretch that makes a big difference.

Put one calf so the center of the muscle is right on top of your opposite knee. Wrap your hands around the front of your leg and press your knee deeply into your calf muscle.  You’ll find the painful spot just about in the center of the thick part of your calf.  When you find it (it will really hurt) just hold the pressure steady for about 1-2 minutes. Then check to see if there are any other places close to this point that are also hurting. Treat them the same way (although it won’t take as long to release).

Next, just stretch your leg out and bring your foot back as if you were trying to touch your knee with your toes.  You’ll feel your calf have a good stretch.   It’s important to keep your leg straight, don’t bend your knee during this stretch.

This is a good mini treatment to do either while you’re stopped to get gasoline, or having lunch at a restaurant.  Your legs will feel so much better!

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