Preparing for my first triathlon: Cycling

Stacey told me that she’s looking for a better triathlon for me to run in the Spring, she feels that Ramblin’ Rose in Raleigh, NC, has 28 turns and is hilly, so it’s too challenging for right now.  No problem, I’m game for whatever she says.

So I decided to do a baseline on how much I can cycle.  I managed to procrastinate again, but I was pretty proud that I could have just not gone to the gym at all (with a perfectly good “excuse” to tell Stacey) and I still get there.

With just 15 minutes (I’m a very good procrastinator!) to cycle before I had to leave to do a massage, I still cycled 3.3 miles and was breathing at the end — not even panting!  This weekend I’m watching Stacey’s pets while she takes part in cheering her coaching clients at the Wilmington, NC race. She has a bike all set up in her basement gym so I’m going to see how far I can ride before totally giving up, and how long it takes me.

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