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It sounds like Pollyanna but I’ve always wanted to make the world a better place because I lived here. I know that’s what lead me to the work I do teaching people how to self-treat for chronic pain caused by tight muscles.  Each time someone sends me an email, or posts a thank you message on the forum, it is totally fulfilling because I know that I made the world a better place for that one person.  That’s exciting.

Now I want to share something so terrible that 25,000 children die every day…and we can make a big difference.

A dear friend of mine has been volunteering with in an advisory position for several years and we got into a lengthy discussion about the horrible need for clean water in places like Africa, India, and Haiti.  I was impressed when he told me how Childcare Worldwide is building wells in these countries, as well as feeding starving children and caring for the millions of children made orphans because of AIDS, earthquakes, and other diseases or natural disasters.

We are so fortunate with all we have. I wanted to share this information with you in case you also want to make the world a better place because you were here.  I hope you will.  The good feeling you’ll receive by helping these children will far surpass the amount of money you give, and you’ll have the joy of knowing that a child is getting food, or clean water, because of your generosity.

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