Negative thinking creates negative results

I’ve been doing some studying about negative and positive thinking and how it creates in our life.  There are several really good books out there, perhaps you’ve even read some of them.  One of my favorites is by Napoleon Hill, titled Think and Grow Rich. If you can find the original version (I have it in a CD that says it is an unabridged recording of the original book) that will be best since they “revised” it a number of years ago and they have taken out a lot of important pieces of information.

Another book that I’m studying right now is The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes and it’s so logical when you consider that negative thinking produces negative results. You wouldn’t think of planting a tomato and getting a cucumber plant, so why would we consider planting negative thoughts and getting positive results?  Yet, people think they can complain with great feeling (it’s the feeling part that is important here) and find positive answers. Instead, all that complaining is like getting caught in a tornado, you just twirl around and around before you come crashing down.

Wayne Dyer, PhD, wrote The Power of Intention which is excellent and is in both a printed book and, for those of us who drive a lot, in CD format too.  It’s so well worth the time to read/listen to this book, it could change your life!

It’s definitely easier to stay in the negative thought process, just turning on the news or the majority of TV programs will help you think the world is a terrible place filled with liars, thieves, greed, and disease. I’ve found that the best thing is to turn off the TV! Newspapers aren’t much better, but then publishers (and TV producers) have said “if it bleeds…it leads” and they know that fear sells papers. Other than the sports section, what uplifting news have you ever read in the newspaper or seen on news channels?  If you pay attention to these two thing you’d be afraid to walk out of your house.

It’s interesting to note that UCLA has a post-graduate program in a topic called psychoneuroimmunology, which is the study of how the mind and the nervous system work together to affect the immune system. There is ample evidence that what we think about we bring about, especially in the medical field.

I’ve even figured out what attracted this broken ankle into my life.  For months I’ve been saying…”I have to slow down and work on my internet business…I have to focus my attention on developing speaking engagements at conventions to tell people how muscles cause pain…I have to teach massage therapists how to do the work I do…Be careful on these steps, they are slippery and I don’t want to fall down and break something.”  So, I was focusing on the negative (falling down and breaking something) and when I attracted that I now had the time to focus my attention on speaking and teaching!   It seems to me that it would have been nice to pick up clues earlier and to have just gone to the library and worked on my business…but, oh well…  I’ve had a lot of positive things come out of this because I keep looking for what good is happening…and I keep finding it!

So, my thought for you today is that you are happy, healthy, energetic, inquisitive, and always seeking fun and fulfillment in your life.

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