Moving to Florida!


I have loved living in North Carolina, but I’ve decided that I really loved living at the beach when I was in Hawaii and St. Thomas USVI, and I wanted to go back to the beach again. With that in mind, I moved yet again, this time to Florida.

Ultimately I plan on living in Sarasota, but for now I’m living in Ft. Myers and only 1/2 hour from a beautiful white beach. The beaches on this side of Florida are actually made from white quartz crystal which is the bedrock of the west coast of Florida. Even when it’s very hot outside, the beach is cool to touch, and the water is so clear that you can see your feet even in waist-deep water. Hooray!

I’m working with a woman in Bradenton (close to Sarasota) who runs an integrative medical center. It’s our plan to begin offering clinics where I will teach a person how to self-treat (for example, their shoulder) and also how to help another person who has shoulder pain. The clinics will be called Treat Me – Help You. I’m not sure when they will begin, but I’ll be posting the information here on the blog as soon as they are ready to go. Ultimately I want to be teaching these clinics all over the USA. Since so many people have been asking me if I know anyone in their area who can do my work, I’m also planning on teaching massage therapists how to do the Julstro techniques. It’s going to be a busy year – and a very fulfilling year!

If you know anyone who would like to learn the Julstro Muscular Therapy techniques, please tell them to contact me via my website.

I’m off to become familiar with my new home…hope to meet you one day!

Wishing you well,


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