Moving aches and pains

I’m moving from Chapel Hill to Cary, NC, and it’s reminded me of some things that need to be watched during lifting and carrying heavy objects. If you’re in Cary or Raleigh, I hope you’ll stop in at my new office which is in Athletic Lab, 1828 NW Maynard, Cary.

First of all, remember to bend your knees when you are lifting heavy objects, and it’s even better if you have someone who can help you carry those big heavy boxes.

Drink a lot of water, you’ll be sweating and that will cause you to lose nutrients, and it’s easy to dehydrate, causing a lot of problems.

Stop and stretch every now and then, and rub/squeeze your arms and shoulders so you can help the blood flow so your muscles won’t get as sore.

Your low back pain is a symptom of tight knots in your thigh muscles, especially straight down from the tip of your anterior pelvis, about midway to your knee. Use the heel of your hand to press on your thighs, pressing from your pelvis down toward your knee. You can do this when you have the chance to sit for a few minutes, it will help to prevent low back pain and knee pain, or at least make it a bit less uncomfortable.

And, laugh…it helps!


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