I Need Your Help

One thing that this ankle break has done is prove to me that I want to finally do what I’ve had on my mind for years…go out and teach as many people as I can nationwide.

Thank heaven I know how to self-treat because so many things have been hurting: my hamstrings from holding my leg bent with the added weight of the cast; my entire right leg and hip from hopping around on it; my arms and shoulders because I’m using a walker to get around and my arms have to pick up my entire body.  I’m sitting most of the time so I have the entire situation that I describe on my forum, rotating my pelvis down in the front and shortening my quadriceps….and it just keeps going on and on. I’m like a big walking (hopping?!?) repetitive strain injury!

I think about people who don’t know how to self-treat and how they just end up suffering with aches and pains when they could so easily stop it by just doing a few simple movements, but they don’t know what to do.

Having said all of this, it is my goal in 2011 to teach as many people as I can, and I need your help.  If you would be open to working with me so I can come to your area and teach a clinic, you will attend for free and you’ll also get a therapy session to address any chronic pains you (or anyone you gift it to) experience.

If you are open to helping me, please contact me via email (julie@julstro.com) and let’s start to make plans.

Thanks a lot!  I hope to meet you in 2011.

Have a wonderful day,



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