Heading to Napa, CA

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been moving again, it’s getting to be a habit , but it sure does take up a lot of time and energy! I’m looking forward to the day when I buy my condo in Corpus Christi, Texas, overlooking the Gulf, so I can just sit and enjoy the view. But, that won’t happen for awhile so meanwhile I’m just bouncing around a bunch 🙂 As a result I haven’t been on my computer as much as I’d like, so I’m behind in everything, including the blog posts.

I’m going to be speaking at a convention in Napa, CA this Sunday, but I’ll be out there on Saturday and Monday in case anyone is nearby and would like to get a treatment. If so, please email me through this blog and we’ll set up an appointment.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to seeing the vineyards and to spending a day in San Francisco.

Have a great day,


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