Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and as a mom, I enjoyed the day a lot. If you’re a mother, I hope you had a wonderful day, and if you’re not a mother, I hope you had the opportunity to thank your mom for all she did to help you get to where you are in life.

This past week has been super-hectic so I’ve been slow at writing on the blog, but I have also picked up a lot of good information this week that I’ll be telling you about for the next few days.  I’m leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to go to New York for a week to see my family and some clients, and then I leave on May 22nd to drive to Texas to see several clients and friends.  It’ s going to be fun because I’m going to meet some of the people who read this blog and wanted appointments if I was in their neighborhood. So, I arranged my trip to pass through their town, and work with them to eliminate some of their aches and pains.

Basically I’ll be driving from NC, into Tennessee, then angling down in almost a straight line to Dallas, then down to Austin/San Marcos, and then across to The Woodlands (just north of Houston).  On the way back I’ll be heading up to Huntsville, AL and then back to Cooksville, TN and finally Chapel Hill, NC.  If you are anywhere along that pathway, and you’d like an appointment, please send me a message and we’ll see if we can work it out.

Have a great day,



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