GNC, Cellucor C4 Extreme DMAA Class Action Lawsuit

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I NEVER talk negative about another company’s product, but an athlete-client brought this to my attention and since it could have a serious health effect on my readers who are athletes, I figured this is one time I needed to break my own rule.

Then, the same day that my client told me about GNC and DMAA, Dr. Steve Chaney, the nutritional advisor in my Shaklee group, sent out his latest Tips from the Professor email advising all of us about this same situation. I guess it was on the radar and the warnings are spreading.

I did an internet search using the terms: DMAA, GNC, and Cellucor C4 Extreme and came up with some interesting facts (bold and italics are mine):

“Defendants’ labeling, marketing and advertising fails to inform consumers that DMAA (a) is not a dietary ingredient; (b) is not a naturally occurring substance or derived from a naturally occurring substance; (c) is synthetic and manufactured in laboratories or similar facilities; (d) is a potentially dangerous central nervous system stimulant; and (e) that using C4 Extreme can cause serious medical harm.”

On another website about the lawsuit I read:

The controversy hinges on whether DMAA is a natural and harmless geranium extract or a potentially lethal synthetic drug. The lawsuit alleges that the trio knowingly mislead consumers into thinking that C-4 Extreme is a natural dietary supplement derived from the geranium plant rather than a potentially harmful synthetic drug in a bid to avoid Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scrutiny.

Another case is currently being fought in US courtrooms after BPI Sports and USP Labs were accused of selling supplements containing a synthetic, dangerous and illegal form of DMAA. Earlier this month, the deaths of two soldiers prompted US military officials to launch a safety probe into the stimulant.

Dr. Chaney said that on Friday he learned that England has completely banned the sale of DMAA-containing product.

I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot more about the DMAA story in the weeks and months to come.

Yet more reasons to stick with Shaklee! This post has become too long, I’ll explain more about Shaklee Performance and Physique in another message.

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