Finally Determined to Lose Weight!!


Pain-Free Living is certainly about more than just muscle pain, or even the nutritional information I share with you. Pain-Free Living is about any topic that brings pain into your life.

In my case right now it’s that I’ve gained 25 lbs that appears to have turned into cement and I really don’t like the way my clothes feel, or how I look in a mirror. So I’ve decided to do something about it and if this is something you want to do too, I’d love to have you join me.

Tomorrow, May 21st, I’m joining a Shaklee weight loss program that is more than just great nutritional products to keep me healthy. Dr. Steve Chaney has put together a program that has online support where I can input my daily food diary and find out my calories and nutritional levels; he does weekly telephone conference calls to help us learn about nutrition and food choices and has videos to support us; and if a person is here in the Chapel Hill/Cary area we have arranged a discount with a local fitness trainer who is going to be designing an exercise program specifically for each member.

You don’t need to be here in NC, you can do the program from anywhere in the USA, Dr. Steve is there for each of us through a webinar and the phone. If you want to join with me, please contact me ( and we can talk about how you can join the group.

Knowing you know about my decision to lose that 25 lbs safely and in a healthy way, will give me some “accountability” and keep me on track. I’ll let you know how I’m doing. It’s a 12 week program so I think I can do the entire 25 lbs by the end of August (plus it’s easier to go out walking right now, so that will help).

Wish me luck!


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