Eye strain causing pain in forehead

I had a client today that was suffering from pain across her forehead and eyes. After treating her and teaching her what to do to treat herself, I realized that I’ve never mentioned this on the blog (or at least I can’t remember mentioning this) and it’s important to anyone who has pain across their forehead. BTW, if the muscles aren’t in spasm, you won’t feel anything when you try this, but if they are in spasm you’ll find the tiny bump immediately.

There are tiny muscles that attach to your eyeballs and move your eyes left and right, up and down. The muscle at the top of your eyeball, and the one on the outside corner of your eye, are the one’s that cause eyestrain and headaches. If you have The Julstro Guide to Treating the Upper Body DVD or Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living you can see how to do the following treatment.

If you wear contact lens, remove them before doing this treatment. Close your eyes and look all the way down toward the floor. Take the tip of the pads of your pointer fingers and place them at the very top/center of your eyeball, and press in so you slide back toward the back of your eyeball. Obviously you don’t want to go further than safe, you will feel the tight muscles (they feel like a tiny bump on your eyeball and they are tender to the touch). When you find the spasms just keep the pressure steady on them. It’s like treating any other spasms in your body, just that these are in a delicate position.

It will hurt, but “hurt so good.” Be careful not to go to hard, use your common-sense, it should feel good. Then do the same thing at the very outside of your eye, where your upper and lower lids meet.

You’ll be surprised when you see how refreshed your eyes will feel!

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