Exercise, Weight Loss, and Being over 55

Exercise? I’ve spent years pretending to exercise. Oh, I’d get into it for a week or two, and then I’d stop for any of a long list of reasons. I finally came to the realization that I don’t really like organized exercising groups. My most recent venture into the world of exercise was to join the CrossFit group at Athletic Lab, the gym here in Cary, NC where I’m currently seeing clients.

This time it’s a bit different though, and if anyone reading this is in the same mental place as me when it comes to exercise, this blog is for you. Even right now I can hear everyone outside my office door…lots of chatter, lots of weights dropping and loud grunts and groans. Definitely NOT for me! So, I decided to work with one of the trainers to design a program that will work for me. Actually, I have two people I’m working with because John, the first trainer is leaving in January. Greg, another highly qualified trainer, who is also writing two of the chapters in my “being-revised” book, The Pain-Free Triathlete, is working with John to design my program so I’m fortunate enough to have TWO personal trainers!

I’m over 55 — that’s all I’ll admit to anymore — and I’m not in Irongirl condition . So John and Greg are designing an exercise program that is right for me, and has enough variety that I will stick to it. I thought that it might be nice to share that program with you. I’m going to have a thread on my website that will be in the Announcements section and will be locked so people aren’t asking me exercise questions. I can’t answer them, I definitely do not know enough to give any advice at all. However, I’m happy to share what I’ll be learning. Who knows, it may inspire you to find a qualified fitness trainer in your area 🙂

Meanwhile, with the holidays rushing upon us, I have decided to do my very best to stay on Shaklee’s Cinch Weight-Loss Program. With a daughter and son who are FANTASTIC cooks, I may not lose, but I’m determined not to gain!! Then in January, Shaklee has a new weight loss program coming called 180 Transformation, and that one I will get serious about following. I’ll tell you more about it in January. Dr. Chaney (I sometimes post nutrition articles from him) has a wonderful support program with telephone calls and other helpful tools. If you want to give it a go, and you want to not add the 11 pounds that is normal for people during the holiday season, contact me and we’ll talk about it. It would be fun to have a group that I’m working with to lose these extra 25 pounds that have crept up when I wasn’t looking. How about you?

Only two weeks before the big “eating season” is upon us!

Wishing ALL of us well,


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