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Here in Chapel Hill we have a Whole Foods market, and I’m so happy because now it’s so easy to get organic foods of every kind. If you haven’t had the chance to go to Whole Foods, it’s a real experience!

I’m not going to get crazy about what I’m eating because I really believe that if we have a healthy body that we can eat anything (well, let’s say almost anything) and our body will be able to pull some nutrition from it. However, I don’t think that our body is very happy when we give it fake foods that are filled with chemicals, artificial “this and that,” and vegetables/fruit that has been grown with toxic sprays to kill everything that comes near the plant. It may kill the bugs, but we’re eating the spray too.

Which reminds me of a research that was done over 20 years ago, comparing synthetic to natural. I won’t point fingers, so we’ll just call the researchers “they.” Since “they” can’t remove all of a nutrient from human diets (if they are wrong, people would die) they decided to create synthetic sea water and put fish in it to prove that the fish would be just fine.

So, they made a tank of water that assayed exactly the same as natural sea water, put in the fish….and all of them died! Then they added just a few gallons of natural sea water and put in more fish…..and all of them lived. So much for playing with Mother Nature. There are so many things that haven’t been discovered yet that they can’t synthesize nature, and our body knows it. In fact, the rise in diseases and chronic health issues is proving that too many people haven’t given their body all that is needed to remain in the peak of health.

…’nough said….it’s best to eat as close to natural as possible, and to avoid things such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, artificial flavors and colors, etc., etc.

Pain free living also means eating healthy so we can do all the things we enjoy until we’re very, very old.

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