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I’m really excited to finally be able to share a project that I’ve been working on for almost a year. A long time ago, before I ever even thought about becoming a massage therapist, I tried to do Yoga so I could stretch my muscles, and the pain ended up being so bad that I had to quit. Through the years I’ve heard a lot of people tell me the same thing, and I knew it was because their muscles were in spasm and then they tried to stretch, so they were feeling the pain as the muscle fibers tore.

Last November I was doing a telephone consultation for a woman named Ana, and as I always do for telephone consultation, I had her send me an email describing her area of pain. She said she had a chronic knot in her calf that she couldn’t get rid of no matter what she did to stretch it. Then I told her which treatments to do in my book, Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living, and then we talk after she’d done the treatments for a week.

When she called me for her appointment, she was 100% better! She did the full Julstro Protocol to release the pressure on her sciatic nerve that was sending “spasm” messages to her calf, and she was surprised when she found she had more flexibility than she’d ever experienced before. She told me she was a Yoga teacher and that she was doing her poses with more ease and better results, and that she had shared the techniques with her students and they were also getting better results.

I mentioned that I’d always wanted to work with a Yoga teacher to combine the Julstro self-treatments with Yoga, and the next thing I knew it was like giant light bulbs went off in both of our heads. Bing..Bam..Boom! TriggerPoint Yoga was born. It took only a month to trademark the name, get the URL, and start the process of bringing this idea to the world!

This past Friday we filmed my portion of TriggerPoint Yoga. We are doing a DVD that follows all of the treatments that are taught in Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living. Meanwhile, Ana has already recorded the voice-over for the combined sessions that will be taught on the DVD. There will be four of them, each are 1/2 hour. There are two upper body sessions (15 minutes of self-treatment, and 15 minutes of Yoga) and two lower body sessions (also 15 minutes self-treatment and 15 minutes of Yoga), so a person can take as much, or as little, time as they want to do a daily routine.

The DVD is expected to be ready to share by October, and I’ll let you know when the website is online.

Meanwhile, if you do Yoga, and you are in pain afterward, the odds are that you have knots in the muscles that insert where you are feeling the pain. It’s easy to self-treat, and it’s definitely worthwhile learning so you can stretch without injury.

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