Cyclocross in Raleigh

This Sunday I went to the cyclocross race at Lion’s Park in Raleigh, it was fun and also very interesting.  I was doing free introduction massages to show the cyclists my style of work and let them know that I’m working here in the Triangle area of NC. I took a walk from where I had my massage table set up and went to see the course — what an eye-opener!

From the distance I could see the racers twisting back and forth between the yellow tape, but it wasn’t until I got closer that I saw they were going up and down hills, mostly in grass, and dirt paths. It was like mountain biking in a small space and at high speed!  Incredible!

The two major complaints for cyclists are neck/shoulder pain, and low back pain, so  I’ll be talking about them in more detail during the next few days.  It was wonderful to have someone lie down on the table and then be shocked when they got up just 5-10 minutes later and have a great deal of relief.  It showed them that they really can enjoy their sport and be able to live without pain.  Then I taught them some things they can do to self-treat to help prevent (or at least slow down) the muscle tension that causes the pain.

Two of my “clients” yesterday are going to be working with me to do a Pain Free Athlete clinic, one in Boone, NC, and the other in Raleigh.  More on that as it happens.

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