Crossfit, Sore Muscles, and Massage

This week I decided that it’s silly that my office is inside a fantastic training facility with world class trainers, and that I’m not exercising. So, I took advantage of the CrossFit class on Monday morning and for the very first time in my life (!!!) I worked out with a professional trainer. What an experience! (seems my life is one big “!” this week )

Eric takes the training program written by Mike Young, the Director of Athletic Lab, and then tailors it to the level of each of the people in the group. Being a raw-beginner, Eric was “gentle” (I say that with a laugh in my voice) with me, but I still felt like I’d been run over with a steamroller the next day. I limped, self-treated each of the muscles, put on Sombra analgesic gel, practically bathed in arnica gel for the muscle bruising, and finally got some arnica remedy tablets so I could get the arnica directly into my bloodstream. That seemed to really help and by Thursday morning I was almost walking normally again.

Only problem is that Thursday was my next CrossFit class. As I came into the gym I said to Eric..”we’re not working on quads, right?” and he told me that we do legs every day…”OMG” was my first thought! I would have run out the door, but I figured I’d have to come back later and I’d be embarrassed, so I was brave and stayed.

By the end of the first round I was shaking like a flag in the wind, and that was WITH the adjustments that Eric made to help me get through. By the middle of the second round Eric decided that I should only do two rounds, not three like everyone else…THANK HEAVEN! Somehow I made it. The other people in the group were so supportive after we finished, complimenting me on doing the two rounds since it’s only my second-ever session with a trainer. As they said, I still did more than 90% of the people in the USA did that morning. That may be an exaggeration, but it sure felt good. It felt especially good when I saw Eric write my name on the board along with everyone else — imagine, I made it to the white board!

I’m surprised that my legs actually felt better at the end of this session than they did at the beginning, and today (Friday) I don’t have any pain at all. Maybe there’s something to this exercise stuff .

So, if you haven’t exercised in ages, or if you haven’t exercised with a professional trainer, I highly recommend it. I know one thing, if Eric wasn’t there cheering me on, I would have quit as soon as I started to feel the burn. Now I can’t wait until Monday again!


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