Cramping During Long Ride or Long Run

As you know, I’ve been working with athletes, including some amazing endurance athletes, for many years.  I know that cramping during a long endurance event is commonplace and I was very happy when I found a product that solved the problem for every athlete I told about this product.  The name of it is Sportenine and it’s made by a company named Boiron

I don’t sell Sportenine, but I highly recommend it.  Just today I spoke to an endurance rider named Matt. Matt lives in St. Louis, MO (where I’ll be teaching a clinic in early September) and while we were discussing the upcoming clinic he told me how grateful he is that I told him about Sportenine.  He hasn’t had a cramp since he started to use it. In fact, this past weekend he did a 60 mile ride and was feeling great at the end of the day!

He told me that he had a problem finding it, even though he lives in a big city.  In fact, he had to special order it at his local health food store who already carries arnica gel and arnica remedy, two of Boiron’s other products that I recommend all the time.

If you are an endurance athlete, I highly recommend you find Sportenine.  It’s a wafer that is about the size of a quarter and you put it into your mouth as you are doing your event so you’ll keep the active ingredients moving through your bloodstream, preventing the cramps from happening.

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