Arthritis, Numb Feet, and Tight Muscles

I have been traveling all over the country since April 6th and it’s been really exciting to see how people are responding to treating muscles for so many painful conditions. I’ve also been teaching massage therapists how to do Julstro Muscular Therapy and they are thrilled with the results they are having with their own clients.

This past weekend two things happened that I want to share with you. First of all, I was speaking/teaching at a convention of electrologists in New Hampshire and while having two of the attendees modeling how to do the Julstro self-treatment for the low back, one of the ladies said “my foot has been numb for YEARS and it just came back!!!” WOW, that was so fantastic that I couldn’t wait to tell others. Apparently the muscles had been tight, rotating her pelvis and putting pressure on her sciatic nerve, and that was the source of her numb foot. She had been to multiple doctors, had many different tests, seen a variety of therapists, and had given up looking for an answer. And it turned out to be as simple as releasing the tension in her quadriceps (rectus femoris to be precise) to release the tension on her pelvis, and the numbness suddenly stopped.

The second lady was with a small group of people I was teaching in NY. She had been told she had arthritis in her neck and was on some very strong arthritis medications (with all the potential negative side-effects) that weren’t doing any good, but she was afraid to stop them for fear that the arthritis would get worse. I was teaching the group how to do the treatments for the neck and shoulder, and slowly she was able to turn her head without pain. We found many spasms all along a muscle called levator scapulae, and along the muscles at the very back of her neck (splenius capitis and splenius cervicis). She had so much relief, and so quickly, that she’s going to speak to her doctor about getting off the drugs. When these muscles are tight you can’t turn your head because it’s like having a metal strip holding the bones tightly in place, preventing them from lengthening as required to turn in the opposite direction.

What a wonderful, fulfilling, weekend. I LOVE what I do for a living!

If you know any massage therapists who would like to learn Julstro Muscular Therapy, please tell them to contact me here on my website.

I hope to meet you one day as I continue to travel around the USA.

Wishing you well,


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