Another Problem – This Time with Amazon

I’m starting to think that I need to do something about this fake book sale problem, but I don’t know what to do.  A man just called me and said he was going to buy my book from Amazon until he saw that it cost a lot less on my website.  The problem is, unless someone bought it for the $45 that I charge, and then increased the price and put it onto Amazon, they don’t have the book.

It bothers me to think that people will go to Amazon, thinking that this is the place to get the best price and then be charged more than double (or even triple) the actual retail price.

In the meantime, I’ve lowered the price of The Pain Free Triathlete to $15 because I’m in the process of revising the book to include all the new self-treatments I’ve developed since 2002, and Stacey is going to be writing the training section. The revised book won’t be out for at least six months.

BTW, if you’re going out running or cycling this weekend, or doing any other outside sport/work in the chill of the morning, be sure to warm up your muscles.  You can do this by just taking the heel of your hand and rubbing quickly on the muscles you’ll be straining. This will bring some blood into the area, and then you can do some gentle movements to get the blood flowing.

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