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This blog is called Pain Free Living because it was designed to bring out more than just how to treat muscles to relieve pain, but also how to relieve pain in many areas of our lives.  I think today’s topic fits right in with that vision.

I’m reading a book that is really interesting because it proves how our thoughts change the physiology of our body — think positive, create positive; think negative, create negative. The title of the book is The Secret Live of Water by Masaru Emoto.  I originally heard of his work when I saw the movie What The Bleep Are We Doing Here?”

I imagine we’ve all heard terms like “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!” (I believe it was Henry Ford that made that famous) and “the thing that I have feared the most has come to pass” (from the Bible). Both of these statements are explaining that what we think about we bring about.

The book has photographs of water crystals that were made after putting words such as “hate” and “love,” “you idiot” and “thank you.”  In each of the multiple examples in the book, negative words caused crystals to form that were misshaped and ugly. On the other hand, the kind, loving, supportive words caused the formation of beautiful and perfectly-shaped crystals.

Our body is comprised of 70% water (I’ve also heard 80% given as a figure), so if water responds to words and emotions as described in the book, imagine what happens when we tell ourselves, “ugh! I am so fat!” or “I hate the way I look,” or “I never get anything right!”  Taking that a step further, how do our children respond when we tell them they are wrong, stupid, or some of the other mean terms I’ve heard come out of parents mouths. The children may not be able to come back at you verbally, but you can believe they are saying it in their head…or even worse, they believe you and it becomes a part of them.

Please listen to yourself as you go through the day. Say kind words to yourself and to others, love yourself so you can then give love to others around you. When something stressful or challenging is happening in your life, flip it around and think about how you want that situation to resolve, and then keep your thoughts on the solution, not the problem. Be grateful for what you have and spend more time focusing on the good in your life, enabling it to grow and become even better.

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