A reminder about dehydration


I was just talking to someone who made a silly mistake and it had some major health results. Here in Chapel Hill, NC, we’re having a lovely summer with cool mornings and evenings, that turn into hot days when the sun is up.

He was out running and hadn’t hydrated properly, it just slipped his mind, and when the sun was shining he was far from home and didn’t think about how he was sweating. He got dehydrated and became weak. Thank heaven he was able to stop at a store and get some water in time, but if you’re out running on a country road, you may not be so fortunate.

Please remember to drink plenty of fluids, especially during the heat of the summer when you’re losing even more fluids than normal as you run or cycle.

Which reminds me, Shaklee has a sports drink called Performance that is way superior to the brands that are commonly sold in stores, and another sport nutrition drink called Physique that you take after working out. Check it out, it’s great!


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