Soccer Ankle Injury

Hope you had a nice holiday yesterday, I spent the day driving up to NY (11 hours) but I listened to a book on CD so the time went fast. I received a great testimonial and since so many of your are athletes, I wanted to share this with you. In fact, it’s important even for non-athletes because tight muscles can cause so many problems. Here’s a message I received from a man named Jay in Tennessee:

I wanted to write to you about how my body is reacting since you taught my group how to do the Julstro Self-Treatments. The funny thing is it keeps growing daily, both due to the application of what I learned in your classes, and now using what I’m learning from your book.

Before your class I had been relying on the Anderson’s stretching book but I was always stiff and sore. My overall flexibility was improving but none of my major muscle groups felt right. Apparently I was doing a great job of tightening knots. Now I don’t stretch until the muscles are released. I attributed my condition to age and mileage and wished I could be like people who seem to be able to stay fit and athletic as they advance in age. I was looking for the answer and it came through your class.

This Sunday before playing soccer I worked my legs for over an hour. My quads and Gastrocs were like over cooked pasta, they felt great. I also worked on my feet trying to prevent the soreness I experienced the previous week from kicking.

We played in heavy rain and while running through a deep puddle my foot rolled way over. I was kicking the ball and as I planted my left foot I could see it going over. I tried to shift my weight but was committed to the kick. The goalie saw what happened and asked if I was all right. He said it looked like it should have been a bad sprain. I kept playing. After the game I again worked on every thing that might have been damaged. I could tell it was weaker but it never hurt all week on a construction site. I believe if those muscles that support my ankle had been as tight as they used to always be I would have spent most of Sunday in the Emergency room with a sprained ankle.
Thanks again for coming to teach us, and for your wonderful Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living book.

It’s messages like this one that makes me want to get out and teach more Pain Free Living clinics!

Have a great week,


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