The many causes of sciatica and how to do an easy treatment for sciatic pain

I meant to tell you yesterday that the same treatments I described to help hip pain will also work to help the pain of sciatica.

If you’re suffering from sciatica you know how widespread it can be. You can’t lie flat, and you can’t lie with your legs bent. You are in pain when you’re standing, and you’re in pain when you sit. You just don’t know what to do, it’s like a bad toothache, it hurts and you can’t seem to find anyplace that is comfortable.

Put a new tennis ball where the back pocket of your pants is located, and sit or lie on the ball. The pressure helps release the piriformis muscle (which passes right over your sciatic nerve) and takes the strain off the muscle. Then, bring the ball close to the top of your thighbone and again apply pressure by lying down on the floor or leaning against a wall.

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P.S. There’s so much more to this, there are many muscles that cause your pelvis to press up into your sciatic nerve…but that’s the topic of something a lot bigger and can be read about by going to It’s real interesting and may answer a lot of questions.


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