On the Road Again

I’m getting excited to leave for my next extended business trip. I start off by going to Pennsylvania, then NYC and a bit north of Manhattan where I’ll be seeing some of my “old” clients (old in duration, not in age), and then off to Cooperstown, NY for more family and clients, and then back to Chapel Hill for a few days before I start the next leg of the journey and go to West Virginia, and then back here for a few days before I leave for two weeks and go to South Carolina, Texas, New Orleans, Tennessee and back home again.

I’lll be meeting some clients along the way and if I get some inquiries, the next time I make this trip (I do it several times a year) I’ll set up some clinics in the major cities. That would be fun. If you’d like to attend a future clinic, let me know and I’ll keep everyone’s contacts to let you know when they are organized.

Thank heaven I love to drive!

Have a great weekend,


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