How to lower medical claims caused by repetitive strain injury pain

So often a company is hit by high medical costs because their employees do a repetitive motion that will cause their muscles to shorten and put strain on the joints &/or nerves.

Employees then end up losing work as they go to doctor appointments, physical therapy, and even surgery. Unfortunately tight muscles are too often overlooked when the medical professional is searching for an answer to the pain. Yet, muscle tension is very often exactly the cause of the pain, and doing some focused and specific self-treatments will ease the tension and eliminate the problem.

This blog is dedicated to helping you find the answers to releasing your own aches & pains, and to the repetitive strain injuries that are suffered by your employees. As you read the various threads you’ll see how muscles can cause pain from your head to your feet, and also how easy it is to release the tension.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss how to help you have a healthy and pain-free workforce.

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