How the mind affects the body

Today I spoke to a woman who was having a strange feeling in her body — not pain, and not in her organs, but a feeling she couldn’t explain in her buttocks, like she was sitting on a rolled up towel.

She had all of the tests that the doctors could imagine, and nothing was found. She was so fearful of serious conditions, such as cancer, that she said it was ruining her life.

The problem is, fear can ruin your life, and it can also manifest disease into your body! I told her about a book that I found years ago that changed my life, the title is “Your Body Believes Every Word You Say.” Exactly as the titled describes, when you keep saying something, you’re body will eventually say, “okay, I can create that,” and it does! There is a field of learning called psychoneuroimmunology that goes into depth on this subject, and gives hundreds of examples of people talking themselves into illness, and out of diseases that were said to be uncurable. In fact, if you do an internet search for Morris the Miracle Man, you’ll find an amazing story of a man who was told he’d be paralyzed and on breathing machines for the rest of his life — he’s no a professional speaker going around the world telling his story of hope.

I hope you’ll take the time to search these terms, and to find out about Morris Goodman. It could change your life!

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