Helping a novice runner with calf pain

I’m getting back into walking again, an injury sidelined me for over a year and it’s been a challenge to get started running again. This morning I went out with a friend and her new running partner. The running partner is a real novice and yesterday she tried to run a lot faster then she can do at this time, and her calves are screaming at her for trying.

In fact, this morning she could barely walk, never mind run. She was hobbling along, barely bending her knees or her ankles. In my book, “Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living,” I teach people how to self treat all of the major muscles from head to toe. Today I taught Sophia how to do the calf treatments by using her opposite knee to force out the lactic acid. I won’t say she was moving at lightening speed, but I walk a 15 minute mile and she was able to keep up with me, so that was a big improvement. We both did the treatment when we got back to the car, and the relief was immediate.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my stride again, just to exercise, not to race. Meanwhile, Sophia is thinking that she may one day do a marathon since she can take care of her legs on a daily basis.

Wishing you well,

P.S. The books displayed here on this blog will give you detailed steps to flush out built-up lactic acid and bring blood to strained muscle fibers. Self-treating is easy and fast, and the results are great!


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