Exercising with Red Cords

I’ve found another amazing exercise program. It’s a form of Pilates, but it’s called RedCords. You use cords to assist you to do the Pilates movements and you get a smoother movement, supported with a type of sling. It’s really confusing to try to describe but I really liked it a lot.

I found RedCords because I re-established a connection I made five years ago with a Pilates instructor here in Chapel Hill. It was just wonderful to talk to Leigh (Johnson) and see how we’ve both grown over the past five years. Then she brought me to her studio in Saxapahaw (about 20 minutes outside of Chapel Hill) and was demonstrating the RedCords equipment, which are actually just a bunch of cords hanging from a support. Fascinating, I can’t wait to learn how to use them properly.

I asked her to write a short article for here on the blog so she can do a much better job of describing RedCords and how they work. As soon as it arrives I’ll be posting it. She’s also going to write a more detailed article for my Pain Free Living eNewsletter.

BTW, have you ever read my eNewsletter? It comes out twice a month, it’s short, only one article and one related ad. I try my best to keep it a 10 minute read (although sometimes I may go over a bit). In the eNewsletter I talk about a lot of topics that will promote Pain Free Living, and I also give some treatment instruction for topics like treating for a sprained ankle, stopping calf cramps when they happen (most people do just the reverse of the movements that are most helpful), and lots of other good information.

Today is Saturday, the weather is amazingly beautiful, and it’s a great day to go out hiking. I’m off to the mountains!

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