Help for a cyclist with bad posture

This morning I was talking to a good friend who is an ultracyclist and I noticed that when he’s just walking around normally he’s still bent forward at the waist. We’ve worked on the muscles that pull him into the aerodynamic position and he’s much better then he was before, but he’s still a bit “tilted.”

I had him push his butt forward and stand up straight and he could feel the tug of the iliopsoas on his low back. Gradually the muscle will lengthen, but if he stayed leaning forward as he had been, he would have continued to shorten the muscle all day long.

So, my hint is to look at yourself in a mirror…are you bent forward? If so, stand up straight even though it may hurt a bit and will feel “odd.”

While riding, whenever you think of it, deeply press the heel of your hand into your thigh and slide down toward your knee.

Have a great day,

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