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The same woman who posted the wonderful message that I posted yesterday also posted a list of questions that were bothering her.  I felt that since I shared her testimonial with you that I would also like to share her questions (and my answers).

Q. Why do the muscles not naturally discharge the lactic acid buildup?

A. The muscles do naturally discharge the lactic acid buildup, it just can’t do it as fast as we are creating it.  The way I see it, prior to electricity we would go to bed soon after dark and get up just before dawn, which meant we were still for many hours which allowed our body to discharge the lactic acid through our lymphatic system.  Then after electricity we not only didn’t sit down and stay still, instead we were working out, and doing a million things that cause more lactic acid to be produced. Meanwhile, our “still” time was cut drastically, so it’s like filling your swimming pool with a fire hose, and emptying it with a garden hose.  The body just can’t keep up!Q. Why is EVERY SINGLE trigger point in my body ticked off?

A. It certainly feels that way, and you actually do have a lot of them in spasm.  It’s like domino’s, when one gets pushed the whole line falls.  With the spasms, as one part of your body became tight you shifted your weight/movements to another part of your bodywhich then caused that  part to be affected by repetitive strain and therefore setting up spasms in that part of the body.    Fortunately it can be reversed!

Q. Is there a recommended clinic that utillizes your techniques in the dallas fort worth area? Or are you going to travel this way in case there comes an opportunity to personally speak with you?

A. I’m trying to get massage therapists who want to be trained in the Julstro techniques, I even have a certification course for massage therapists.  If you know a good therapist who wants to learn, please have him/her check out the course.

I’ve had several people ask if I was coming to Dallas at any time, and I will be, in January.  If you send me an email through the “Contact Us” section of my website, I’ll put you on the contact list for when I’m in town.  Meanwhile, you can self-treat easily once you have my book, “Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living.”   And if you need help you can also order either an email or telephone consultation and I’ll be happy to work with you.

Q. Will I ever get to the point where all the trigger points are calmed down and the muscles are free of lactic acid buildup?

A. Yes. You will also know how to self-treat at the very first sign of discomfort so you will never be in this situation again.

Q. Are there dietetic measures that will cause the muscles to eject the lactic acid buildup?

A. Not that I’m aware of, but I know that good nutrition and proper supplementation helps your body function properly.

Q. How can I know if I am beating on a legitimate trigger point in my back versus maybe the screws that hold metal insturmentation from prior surgery? (I don’t want to cause more damage but a lot of the issues are right by that area)

A. You will feel the difference.  Just as a test, press your vertebrae into a tennis ball, and then move over and press into the muscle. You’ll feel the difference.  I suggest you don’t go very deep at first, and that you NEVER lie on the ball, but always just press into the wall so you are using less strength and have more control.  If you are ever in question, then come off that spot.

Q. I want to run again (after decades!) so how will I know I am ready to start with regard to having instituted your principles?

A. I don’t know if the surgery and assorted screws, etc., will have a negative impact on your runningit would be best for you to ask your doctor about that.  As far as your muscles are concerned, as soon as you are feeling like you can run, give it a try.  Don’t run far from home in case you need to stop earlier than you’d like.  Your body will tell you what you can and can’t do.

Q. How do I identify specific pains to a specific procedure to address it?

A. When you see the Trigger Point Charts in “Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living,” all you need to do is look at the colored shaded area, and then match it up with the same colored circle, and you’ll know where you need to treat.

One last thing, I suggest you get some arnica gel (topical) and arnica remedy (tiny pills you put under your tongue) so you can heal your muscles from the inside. Arnica is a well-documented homeopathic remedy that has been used for many hundreds (it not thousands) of years. It was finally written down and tested over 200 years ago, but the odds are it was used by the medicine woman/man back during the caveman era.  It works great!  You can get it at a good health food store. I personally like Boiron (go to for info) because of its purity.

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