Joint Flexibility, Muscles and Bones

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I’m visiting with Ana Johnson, my partner in TriggerPoint Yoga and it’s always so incredible how I grow professionally and personally just from our lively discussions. TriggerPoint Yoga is a teaching that we have created together to first release the spasms that hold the muscles tight and then to safely do yoga. Ana is an amazing yoga teacher, but the thing I love the most is how she is always looking for even more ways to help people stretch and become more flexible, stressing the safety of each movement.

This morning we were watching a DVD series she just received, by an expert teacher named Paul Grilley. Paul was teaching anatomy for yoga and how the joints can prevent movement that is too often thought to be caused by tight muscles. I’ve had many years of training in anatomy and a special focus on the physiology of muscles, yet I’ve never had anyone discuss the differences in bone structure of joints. It was fascinating!

Ana and I spent time discussing it, practicing yoga movements and how the bone differences just between the two of us make our yoga positions esthetically different. I will never be able to do what Ana does simply because the bones of my joints stop at different angles.

Ana also introduced me to her newest passion, Yin Yoga, which was influenced by Paul and his passion for the anatomy of the body. What a wonderful morning for me, so much growth in such a short time.

I’ll be talking about this a lot more in the future because I plan on taking the same training courses that Ana has started, and TriggerPoint Yoga will be the avenue of our sharing this with others.

Lots more to say about TriggerPoint Yoga, but I respect that you’re busy and we’ll keep that discussion for another day.

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