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Find Out More About Pain Management Home-Study Courses and Earning Continuing Education Units

Julie Donnelly has been approved by numerous associations to provide CEUs for members of their professions. Browse the Julstro Continuing Education Course list below to find out more about earning CEU through pain management home-study.

Developed and used clinically since 1989 by Julie Donnelly LMT, Julstro Muscular Therapy focuses on sports injuries and chronic pain such as low back pain, tension headaches, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and many other conditions.

Julie has taught these techniques to Physical Therapists at the Cleveland Clinic and privately to physical therapists and massage therapists nationwide – now she is bringing them to the entire massage therapist community to enable you to become a more effective therapist and increase your income!

You Will Learn:

  • treatment and self-treatment for all muscles involved in the symptoms of CTS
  • treating the specific muscles that cause tension headaches, shoulder pain, hip pain, low back pain and more
  • why the levator scapulae muscle is a key source for severe headaches and how to treat it
  • why the iliopsoas and rectus femoris are frequently overlooked in diagnosing pain from the lumbar to the knee, and even burning and cramping into the calf and foot
  • self-treatments attendees can use for themselves and teach to their patients
  • treatments for the lower leg and foot

In just two days you can learn techniques that will upgrade your skills, boost your self-confidence, productivity and profits!

Broaden your tools of the trade by learning JMOMT techniques for chronic pain conditions from head to toe.

Location:              Serenity Gardens

                                2765 S. Tamiami Trail

                                Port Charlotte, FL

Time:                     8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

 (Please arrive early for check-in, includes 1-hour lunch break)

Investment:       $325.00 – 15 CE Credits. *Group discount available for 4 or more students.

Choice of two dates:

Let me tell you about my method

Thank you so much. The Julstro method is awesome! I had a back injury 6 years ago and no doctor could help me. I found the solution on your website and with your products. It has changed my life!!!! Thank you for what you do.

—Kim Alston

I know that intense pain and a sense of being overwhelmed with severe pain (not to mention having to deal with your doctors insisting you have back surgery) can lead to depression not knowing what to do to give you some sort of relief from the pain.
I asked God to help me find a solution. In my case the solution was to find your website and the Julstro Method. 

Your Julstro Method techniques have been life changing.
Thank you so much.

—Jesús A. Tovar

As an athlete, when I discovered Focused Flexibility Training I was impressed.  I always dreaded stretching because it was so painful and my injuries were getting in the way.  Focused Flexibility Training has allowed me to become more flexible.  I could feel deep tensions resolving during the first session.  This was the missing link with my workouts and in my body.

—Larry C

Professor and Program Coordinator

I’ve tried them all…tennis balls, squash ball, golf ball, bean bags, bagged marbles, assorted types from sports stores, one from local therapy center…you name it, I probably tried it! None of them really were quite ‘right’…either too hard, too soft, too large diameter or too small.

But the Trigger Point Therapy ball did the trick!!! After two self- sessions on my right hip (side) and lower back, the knots in my right hip were gone!! I can feel the ball “dig” into the hip joint with hard pressure and not bruise the muscles. I started out using the ball and bamboo stick 3-4 times a day and now down to maybe once a day to none!! Great relief…the pain which had me in tears is now gone. No more chiropractor trips!! The chiropractor said, ‘the pain was in my head’…yeah right! Now I am studying the videos. Well worth the investment.

—Frank Crisp

Professional Engineer

Fifteen years ago I slipped on ice and landed on my tailbone. Ouch! My hips, gluteus, hamstrings and lower back were often achy and I found it hard to find relief. Over the past 15 years, I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, working with a personal trainer, yoga (without trigger point release first), pilates, and many homeopathic remedies and nothing gave me long lasting relief. However, within 2 weeks of using the DVDs, I feel virtually no discomfort anymore! This is now part of my daily exercise routine. I am on a mission to share how effective it is with many more people!

—Bonnie McDermott

Health and Wellness Enthusiast

The Focused Flexibility Training system brings me a sense of deep calm and well-being, enhancing my awareness of my muscles and how they work together to support me. I’m more aware of my posture and the chronic knots in my shoulders.

—Kay B