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I’ve been teaching people how to self-treat the spasms that cause chronic pain for over 20 years, and through that entire time I’ve wanted to do something for our soldiers. Now I’ve figured out how I can help our Wounded Warriors!

Wounded Warriors may come from the wars we have recently fought – and are still fighting – or they may be wounded veterans from any of our previous wars. I respect every man and woman who has served in our Armed Services and fought for the USA. It bothered me that I know how to teach people how to release the tight muscles that cause shoulder pain, low back pain, hand/wrist pain (carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms), and so many other aches and pains, while our soldiers were coming back home in wheelchairs, seriously repetitively straining all of the muscles of their upper body just in order to move through their day. I’ve had clients who are paraplegics, but because of the tension in the muscles of their shoulders, arms and hands, they become functional quadriplegics. This is unacceptable. I’ve worked with them, often just via the phone or email, and they have learned how to self-treat, getting their upper body back to 100% function again. That made me think of how I can help our Wounded Warriors.

I decided that I will teach clinics where veterans can learn how to self-treat, and where their caregivers can learn how to help them if they are unable physically to self-treat. I’ve also decided there will be no charge for veterans and their caregiver’s to attend the clinics. To this end I started by teaching my first Julstro clinic for veterans at the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, American Legion. Today I received an email from Lee Heavlin, the Commander of American Legion Chapel Hill Post 6, with a link to the Post website. I’m happy to share this with you, and even happier that several of the men came up to me after the clinic to thank me, saying “I haven’t felt this good in years!” and “I’m standing up straighter…Thank You!”

The time has come to be more proactive about this repetitive strain injury problem! As a result of the response I received from the veterans in Chapel Hill, it is my plan to teach Julstro self-treatment clinics throughout the USA. As I plan for them I will let you know when and where a clinic will be taught. I hope you will share the information with others and that you may even attend, it would be so nice to meet you.

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