Wounded Warriors


As you know, I’ve been teaching people how to self-treat muscle spasms that cause chronic pain for about 20 years. I’ve been wanting to volunteer to teach our returning hero’s who have been injured and are now facing a lifetime in a wheelchair. I’ve finally figured out how to be of assistance to this important population.

Anyone who is in a wheelchair and pushes it with his/her hands on the wheels is seriously repetitively straining their shoulders, arms, and hands. I’ve had disabled people come to my website that focuses on carpal tunnel syndrome, and I know that this situation will cause a person to be a functional paraplegic. While one could say they have full use of their arms and hands, because of the tight muscles they don’t have full use, in fact I’ve had clients who couldn’t use their hands and arms at all, leaving them in a terrible position.

I’m happy to say that today I signed up on www.HandsforHeros.net. It is my initial goal to teach a minimum of 12 wounded veterans a month, and I really hope I’ll get the opportunity to help more than just 12. It’s a matter of getting the word out, and I’m hoping that you’ll help me.

I spoke to Axel, the co-owner of Athletic Lab, an athletic training facility in Cary, NC. We’re going to have a fund-raising event for the Wounded Warrior Project. I’m going to ask other massage therapists to join me in this effort.

We have tentatively picked October 13th as the date for the fund-raising event. The venue isn’t confirmed yet, but we were thinking of my teaching the Julstro self-treatments for the shoulders, hips, and lower-legs (which by default also means the self-treatment for plantar fasciitis). The staff at Athletic Lab will have a contest for most sit-ups, most chin-ups, and most (light-weight) squats. This isn’t for the endurance athletes (although they will also have a category), it’s for everyone from 8-80 years old. Couch-potatoes are welcome too. In fact, there’s going to be fun categories, such as “couch-potatoes,” etc.

When we have confirmed it all on this end we’ll start to really promote it, and I’ll be asking you to help by telling anyone you know in this general neck-of-the-woods. I’m looking forward to it!

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