Walking the 500 mile El Camino de Santiago


I’ve finally made enough of a commitment to walk El Camino de Santiago in June 2014. I had made the decision to do it about six months ago, and slowly started to walk more each week. Then a few weeks ago a friend said she wanted to go with me and that ended up ramping up my mileage to a daily six miles. I plan on continuing at six miles a day for three months and then move up to eight miles a day. I didn’t want to tell anyone, other than a few close friends, until I knew that I was really determined to take on this challenge – and now I have!

I’ve only just started to gather information from people who have already done the Camino and the latest thing I’ve heard is that I have to be able to comfortably walk 8-10 miles a day before I go. Right now it seems that the biggest challenge is having the time to do it, but sleep is so over-rated that I’m getting up earlier and earlier.

I am so glad that I know how to self-treat because my lower legs and hips are beginning to show the repetitive strain. I’ve taught my friend how to self-treat, and I know I’ll be teaching a lot of people along the trail. Which brings me to mention that I’m getting more focused about teaching self-treatment clinics, so I’ll keep you informed about them as I confirm them in various areas. Right now I’m working on teaching a clinic for anyone who wants to come, and also teaching a hands-on therapy class for massage therapists in Rhode Island in mid-May.

If you have ever done The Way, please let me know, I’m thirsty for information and would love to have your advice!

Have a great day,


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