Tendonitis Symptoms Can Hurt Your Golf Score

Tendonitis symptoms can hurt your golf score – but you can eliminate the problem quickly!

As you play golf you are doing the same movement over and over. Just looking at the graphic of the golfer (and imagining how you feel as you play golf) you can see that every joint from your neck to your knees is being twisted or strained while you hit the ball.

This is true for every sport, certain muscles are being repetitively strained and can easily be the cause of joint pain you may be feeling.

Too often when a person has tendonitis symptoms in a joint, they are told to stop doing whatever is repetitively straining that joint.  Occasionally that means giving up a sport that you are passionate about. Even worse, you find that your job is the cause of the problem and effecting your personal time. But, giving up your life-style is not always the best and most satisfying way of handling the problem.

A much better way of releasing the strain of tendonitis symptoms is to apply direct and sustained pressure on the muscle knot or spasm.

Many times people are given medications to stop the inflammation, but if you’re like me, you don’t want to be taking drugs because of the dangerous side-effects.  Fortunately the Julstro method teaches you how to find and apply the correct amount pressure to the muscle fibers, it works on releasing the tendon which will relieve your pain and stiffness. It’s worthwhile checking out other solutions before taking the risks of anti-inflammatory drugs.

The term “tendonitis” is an explanation, but it doesn’t tell you WHY you have tendonitis symptoms, it only tells you what you already know – you have pain in a joint.

The word “Tendonitis ” means an inflammation in the muscle tendon. The inflammation may be where your muscle merges into the tendon, or where the tendon attaches to the bone.  In either case, the tendonitis symptoms are pain, swelling, burning, and limited range-of-motion.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I use the analogy of pulling your hair and your scalp hurts.  It’s a perfect analogy to explain why muscle cause tendonitis symptoms.  As the muscle is pulling on the tendon, and the tendon is pulling on the bone, the tension can get so strong that it actually will tear the tendon.

Think of the athletes you’ve heard who have a torn Achilles tendon, or a torn biceps tendon.  What a waste!  Unless it’s torn because of a traumatic injury, the only way a tendon tears is the muscle is pulling so hard that it finally rips.  If the person had the knowledge and spent the time to release the spasms in the muscle fibers they wouldn’t have had the torn tendon.

I just recently received an email from a woman in Los Gatos, CA, who had severe shoulder tendonitis symptoms back in 2012. We did a private session by telephone and included in her session was my book, Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living.

Now, two years later, she has sent this incredible report, and gave me permission to post it here on my blog & website.

Her email was so fulfilling that I wanted to share it with you, especially if you are suffering from long-standing tendonitis symptoms that are not being helped by traditional methods.

As you read this, please take note that she and I have never met and she was able to get 100% relief by working on her own body and applying the techniques herself – believe that you can get pain relief too!

Dear Julie

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that after 15+ years of pain and limited range, my shoulder has been completely pain free and normal range of motion ever since you helped me self-treat it. The process was difficult at the time, and the fix was not instant….but it was permanent. I am SO happy, and SO grateful to you!!      

When she and I spoke back in 2012, her son was also having some serious pain that was potentially causing him to halt his passion for martial arts.  It was so rewarding to learn that because of her pain relief success she could share the knowledge with her son and now he’s back to his sport and is able to continue to help himself.

Her daughter is also benefiting from the Julstro self-applied techniques that are taught in the Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living book.

Her email continued:

My son, who I also talked to you about in the thread below, has maintained a relatively pain-free life as well. I say “relatively”, only because he is a serious martial arts guy, and continues to cause himself plenty of pain! But we know exactly what to do now, and he hasn’t had to see a doctor, nor been out more than a couple of days (except when he gets badly bruised!). He is “armed for life”, with the self-treatment information he needs to “stay in the ring”.

In addition, my youngest has gotten involved in gymnastics over the past two years, and I don’t have to elaborate on how many times Julstro techniques have saved her from pain and unnecessary medical appointments.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

M. Abraham, Los Gatos, CA

If you find that tendonitis symptoms are threatening your love of golf – or preventing you from doing anything active that you enjoy – you may also want to consider a private session to help find the source of the pain.

You can get relief of the constant pain of tendonitis symptoms and help yourself!  A little direction, some focused energy, and a bit of time is all you need.

Wishing you well,


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