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As you know, I’m working along with Ana Johnson, an amazing yoga teacher and my partner in TriggerPoint Yoga. Ana posted a fantastic posture reset for while you are sitting at your computer.  This is so fantastic that I’m sharing it with you and I hope you’ll pass it around and share it with your friends on social media.  You’ll be so happy with how your body will respond to these posture tips:

TriggerPoint Yoga Short and effective posture reset while sitting at the computer:

As you are taking a moment to read this post, I would like for you to check in with your posture.
We’ll do this together.
Begin with; sit all the way back in your chair, my back is very gently resting against the back of the chair, and place both feet flat on the floor, hip distance apart and pointing your toes forward
1. Create more “space” between your ribcage and your belly button. Simply place your thumbs underneath your lower ribs, one under the right and one under the left side, and place both your index fingers into your belly button. Now inhale – and lift your ribcage up. You should notice an expansion of space between your thumbs and index fingers. Something really cool just happened as well…you created a healthy and natural curve in your lower spine and you lifted your chest!

2. Keep “that” space and length as you allow your arms to hang down along the side your chair. Externally rotate your arms by turning your arms so that your palms face the computer. Do this with gusto. Something very cool just happened….your chest broadened, your shoulders moved back to “where they belong”, and your shoulder blades moved in towards your spine! Keep all “that”… and place your palms to rest on your thighs

3. Place one index finger on your chin and gently press moving your chin back….you just aligned your head and neck. Return your hand to your thigh.

4. With your ribcage lifting, your chest wide, your shoulders on your back and your shoulder blades in towards your spine – NOTICE – BREATHE….inhale through your nose – notice how your entire ribcage and back broadens and expands – exhale ( don’t collapse )- your diaphragm is free to expand and contract – your internal organs are happy and light ….enjoy!

Wishing you well,

Julie (and Ana)


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