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I’m so excited! Several years ago I paid to have an internet radio show, but it was while I was living in California and you had to go into a recording studio at the time. When I moved from California, that was the end of the radio show!

Fast forward to now and I was talking to a friend about her internet radio show, and I’ve found out how easy it is. So I contacted the owner of the station that I had joined back in 2006, and he said that my show was still there and I could start whenever I wanted. Hooray! Plus, I now have a friend who is really knowledgeable about computers and she’s going to help me with the techie stuff, so that’s a big plus.

I’m not sure when it will start, but the tentative plan is that it will still be called Pain-Free Living and twice a month (1st and 3rd week) the show will have to do with muscles (including topics such as self-treatment, chronic pain conditions, sports injuries, Yoga, Pilates, exercise, etc.), one week (week 2) will have a guest that will talk about finding solutions to pain that is coming from the Mind and Spirit (such as easing relationship problems, or learning about meditation), and the last week of the month will be about nutrition. I’ve already asked Steven Chaney, PhD, the (now-retired) Professor of Nutrition to medical students at UNC Chapel Hill, to be the guest speaker for that show.

The two muscle weeks will be co-hosted by my good friend and business partner, Ana Johnson. Ana is a yoga instructor and is so very knowledgeable about the muscles, stretching, and other related topics. Plus, you’ll love Ana, she’s vivacious, interesting, and the two of us really love helping people find solutions to pain, so we’re a good match.

The show is recorded so we can’t have people calling in, however, I’m looking for questions from the audience, so if you have a question for the show, please send it to me via

More on this as it moves along.

Wishing you well,


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